Reputation Changer: Boosting Reputation Through Social Media Ads

Social Media AdsYou may already understand how the use of social media profiles can establish or improve your online reputation. But you can also use advertising on social media networks to promote your brand and improve your online reputation. And for those people or businesses who don’t know what step to take first, firms like Reputation Changer can provide streamlined services.

According to Search Engine Watch, one of the best social networks to try advertising on is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a network designed for business people. By crafting an ad for the network, you can directly reach potential customers and make your company look good.

Building the Advertisement

You’ll need to create an account on LinkedIn Advertising before you can set up an ad. It’s usually best to make a business account to produce the ad. If you are an individual in business, it should be all right to set up the ad from your own LinkedIn account. A business account allows you to add representatives for the company who can create or take down ads too.

The process of creating an ad is simple enough. You choose a campaign name and can then design up to 15 advertisements. You’re given the choice of linking the ad to your website or to the appropriate LinkedIn account. Choose whichever feels more relevant to you. LinkedIn allows you a 50 by 50 pix image as well as a 25-character title. You also get 75-characters to describe the business. Choose the words carefully for the title and description. You want catchy phrases, but you can’t be too verbose.

Reputation Changer: Target the Ad

The most important aspect of building an ad on LinkedIn or another social network is choosing the type of person who will see it. This is essential for online reputation management, the Reputation Changer experts note. You want the people who will use your business to see it in a positive way.

You have a number of possibilities for choosing the ad’s audience. For example, you can choose audience by age or by job title. You can also target by company. LinkedIn requires you to pick a geographical area as well. It doesn’t make sense to promote your company in a different country or state, unless your services reach there.

The Importance of Flexibility in Ads: Reputation Changer

Remaining flexible is also important when creating LinkedIn or other social networking ads. Targeting the ads builds your reputation among people you want to work with. Creating too narrow a target though, can ultimately work against you.

The Reputation Changer team realizes that the cost of advertising is not for everyone. Buying ads on a social network such as LinkedIn can add to the cost of the Reputation Changer online reputation management services. There are a minimum number of clicks per month that you are charged, for example. But if you are ready to take your online reputation management to a new level, advertising and help from Reputation Changer can get you there.
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