Reputation Changer: When Political Becomes Personal

Becomes PersonalShirtless cell phone pictures spreading through social media like wildfire. Last names becoming synonymous with dirty words. Regrettable quotes spread through the papers. What do all of these have in common? As Reputation Changer notes, they all negatively impacted the online reputations of politicians.

Some politicians resigned as a result of the harmful information. Others were mocked for years because of one incident. Another thing these all have in common is that the damage was preventable had they sought out the assistance of an online reputation management company such as Reputation Changer.

Reputation Changer: Fixing a Google Problem

Negative or harmful search results don’t just vanish because a politician wants them to. A politician needs to take action—and quickly—to make sure that negative results don’t become the first thing people see when on a search engine. Even if the negative results are not true or have nothing to do with a candidate or politician, the people finding those results do not necessarily know that.

Take the case of Rick Santorum for example. For years, a search for his last name resulted in a very anti-Rick Santorum website showing up in the first spot. The website could potentially offend anyone searching for the actual Rick Santorum, harming his political career.

With an online reputation management plan from a company like Reputation Changer, though, there is no reason that problem needed to exist for as long as it did. Instead of the dirty “Spreading Santorum” website, Reputation Changer could have worked to put pro-Santorum sites at the top of the search results.

Reputation Changer: Politics Present Different Challenges

The online reputation challenges that face politicians are slightly more complex and sticky than those that face people in other businesses. A key part of a politicians business is getting elected, which relies on gaining the support of voters. Politicians are more likely to exist in the public eye and face constant reporting from news agencies. A newspaper or other outlet that has a bent against a particular politician has the potential to do a huge amount of damage to his campaign.

To deal with these unique challenges, online reputation management requires constant monitoring. A monitoring service from a firm like Reputation Changer provides a politician with information about web content as it appears. For example, the politician will learn about a negative op-ed the minute it is posted.

Immediate knowledge lets the politician fight back right away, squashing or rebutting the negative review before it has the chance to harm her campaign. In politics, having a response to critics is essential. Reputation management gives a politician the power to respond in a timely manner.

Reputation Changer: What About When the Politician Messes Up?

Admittedly, in some cases, a poor online reputation is linked to mistakes the politician makes, not necessarily to criticism from his opponents. Take the case of Anthony Weiner, who sent inappropriate photos of himself to women via Twitter and email. When he was found out, his reputation was damaged. It was a case of too little too late.

But a Reputation Changer reputation repair plan can help a politician avoid such a gaffe in the first place. The Reputation Changer team knows that any politician who hopes to remain in the game needs to keep control of their online reputation. Reputation Changer also recommends they learn to use social media to promote themselves, not damage themselves.
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