Reputation Changer: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, the UglyReputation Changer has seen the power of Internet in all its forms. The Internet allows every one with a computer and a connection the chance to voice their opinion. It doesn’t matter that some opinions are less credible than others or are voiced to cause harm to a person.

The Internet is full of reviews of businesses small and large. In some cases, the negative reviews outweigh the positive, causing problems for a business. With 72 percent of people saying that they trust reviews online as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend, according to Search Engine Land, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to get excellent reviews.

Reputation Changer: Dealing with Bad Reviews

Of course, you can’t bribe people into writing good reviews of your company. Nor can you attempt to strong arm those who write negative reviews to take them down (that would probably do more damage!).

What you can do is work with an online reputation management company, such as Reputation Changer. While our company doesn’t create fake good reviews of your business, it does provide positive information about your business to the web. Within a short period of time, the positive information should rank higher than the bad reviews, so that potential customers see the good.

Reputation Changer: Promoting the Good

Asking a friend or someone else to write a good review about you is generally a no-no. In some cases, it looks like bribery. In all cases, it just doesn’t look good. But Reputation Changer notes that good reviews are essential for getting business.

According to the same Search Engine Land article, 52 percent of people surveyed stated that a positive review encouraged them to try out a business. Additionally, 85 percent of people use the Internet for research before they try a business.

Reputation Changer: Steps to Overcome Bad Press

So what can you do to make the good standout without resorting to bribes or coercion?

  • Build a social media presence. Put yourself out there online so that potential customers can find you. Customers that find you can post comments or write on your wall about a good experience they had.
  • Start a blog. Let customers know exactly what it is that you do. When people are allowed to become familiar with your practice or business, you look at a lot better in their eyes.
  • Wait for the good reviews to flow in. If you are doing your best to manage your reputation and to provide excellent services to customers, it won’t be long before positive reviews from happy customers begin to trickle in. Use these reviews to your advantage. Try posting them on your social media profile or quoting them in a tweet.

The Reputation Changer experts know that just as one bad apple can spoil the bunch, so can one bad review. On the other side of that, though, good reviews can also improve your lot. Those surveyed said that they did not need to read many positive reviews before deciding to give a place a try. Reputation Changer’s Internet reputation services won’t post false or dishonest reviews for you. What Reputation Changer will do, however, is populate search results with client-controlled content.
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