Complaints Hurt Business At Every Level

Every LevelCustomers have stopped coming through the door, revenues are down, but expenses remain the same, and may even be growing. Maybe the problem is that someone out there is bad-mouthing your business. According to Reputation Changer, complaints shared among potential customers could be the culprit. But how can a businessman get around this damaging word of mouth?

First off, it pays to advertise. Find the dollars needed somewhere in your budget, create a brand and an image. The campaign doesn’t need to be slick; let’s face it, excess sells. While you may never shop for a product offered by someone with a cheesy ad, the schlock value of that commercial ensures that you will remember who that merchant is. So, let it fly. Make your name synonymous with whatever your product or service is. Think Kleenex, Xerox, Frigidaire, or if you prefer a 21st Century icon, Google.

And while we’re on that subject, try Googling your business name. There are several places on the internet where people can rate a business, and offer comments and complaints. See what’s out there about you so you can assess and address. Assess: are the complaints legitimate and well-founded, or could it be a competitor trying to get a leg up? Address: when finding complaints that are based in fact, immediately start righting the ship by making whatever policy changes are needed.

Educating your customers is a great tool for cementing strong relationships. If you are in a service industry like plumbing or contracting work, make sure they know what you charge, and how you arrive at those charges. It doesn’t hurt to offer them options when it comes to methods and materials you’ll be using. Let them know there is more than one way to effectively complete a project. Explain the benefits and drawbacks and let your customer decide.

If retail is where you make your money, it is important to impress on the customer that yours is the best place to spend their shopping dollars.

We all know it is easier to get a bad name that to restore a tarnished reputation. In some instances the damage may be greater than what a small business is capable of handling. For those businesses, a new crop of organizations are around with the ability and expertise to put the polish back in your name. By recruiting the services of an online reputation management firm, like Reputation Changer, complaints that may have been keeping business from your door will cease to be a concern. You only worry will be what to do with all the new profits.
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