Reputation Changer Complaints Got You Down? Follow These Guidelines

GuidelinesIf angry messages from dissatisfied customers are clogging your voice mail and email inbox, then in following these tips from Reputation Changer, complaints will fade away, your business will flourish and you will quickly get back your good name.

Auto repairers are often the most maligned among all the service industries. Much of this is because people rely more heavily on their cars than on anything else. It is also because so few understand what goes into keeping a car running. Let’s face it, cars are complicated machines, but nearly every man, woman and child in America is able to operate them, so they must be simple right?

No, that’s not right, but how you get that point across to your customers can make all the difference in your business success. So adding these suggestions to your customer service repertoire could be a real reputation fixer; complaints will be a thing of the past.

A great place to start is by making sure all of your licenses and certifications are up to date. Nothing says professional like having affiliations with professional organizations on display. And, make sure to talk up those connections to first time customers: it instills confidence. Beyond that, make sure all the technicians handling customers’ vehicles are maintaining their training and keeping up with the latest developments in technology.  It is also a great idea to make sure your business has a favorable listing with the local Better Business Bureau, and the state Attorney General’s office. Many consumers head there first when choosing a new repair facility.

Educating the customer is another tool for cementing strong relationships. Make sure they know what you charge, and how you arrive at those charges. It doesn’t hurt to offer them options when it comes to the parts you’ll be using. In some cases, aftermarket parts are as serviceable as OEM, and come at a greatly reduced cost. Explain the benefits and drawbacks and let your customer decide.

Another tip is to assess the complaints you are getting. This may be painful and result in a fair amount of soul-searching, but it’s worth the effort. Is there one problem area, or are the complaints diverse? Either way, looking at your business model and actively working toward changing how you treat your customers is never a waste of time. It’s better to do that than to sit in your shop office, twiddling your thumbs and wondering how the overhead will get paid.

Following these few tips will start you off on the road to a thriving business. Complaints will be a thing of the past and customers will come flocking to your doors when you take a proactive approach to managing customer relations.
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