Reputation Changer on Common Press Release Mistakes to Avoid

Release MistakesPress releases are considered, inaccurately, as antiquated by some individuals. But the truth is that these documents are highly valuable in the world of the Internet. In fact, they play a pivotal role in just about any successful online reputation management campaign.

Whether you are looking to build your company’s brand or defend it against negative search results listings, press releases are documents that rank well and enhance the visibility of positive online assets. The trick is, though, to make sure to only distribute press releases that are well written. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid when drafting and sending out your next release.

  1. Writing in a casual or informal tone. While press releases certainly have an important place in today’s world, they are still highly professional, formal documents. This means that the verbiage you use should reflect a high level of professionalism and authority. Additionally, it means to speak in an objective manner.
  2. Presenting information in the first or second person. As formal documents, press releases should have a third person perspective. In other marketing materials, you can certainly catch the attention of consumers with a well-placed “you” or “we.” But in a press release, the third person perspective must hold throughout the entire document in order for it to appear as an authoritative statement.
  3. Announcing news that, really, isn’t news. Press releases are supposed to call attention to new developments, such as a new promotion, the launch of a product, or the expert opinion of an industry leader. As such, it is crucial to frame your releases in a manner that makes them appear newsworthy. This is integral to getting your release picked up by other news sources, such as online magazines and newspapers.
  4. Overlooking the value of paying for professional distribution. PR wires, as they are called, are organizations that distribute press releases. These companies frequently have a vast network of news publications to which they send each release. But, of course, such widespread visibility comes at a cost.

In many cases, particularly if your need for reputation repair is strong, it is worthwhile to pay the extra to have your release professionally distributed. Weigh the benefits of each newswire before choosing which to use. Their prices range, so make sure that the distribution channel you choose is the most effective that will fit in your budget.

Press releases are wonderful tools for online reputation management campaigns. Keep these frequently made mistakes in mind as you draft and release your press statement and you can avoid the most common errors associated with these documents.
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