Can Press Releases Enhance Your Online Reputation?

Online ReputationIf you are looking to improve your online image, you may have already tried social media and blogging. You may have also created websites and asked your customers for favorable reviews. But have you considered writing a press release?

What Are Press Releases?

In some respects, press releases are thought outdated—but this opinion could not prove further from the truth. Still a major aspect of both the news industry and the dissemination of information on the World Wide Web, press releases rank very well on Google. These documents are great for your online image for many reasons, but their rankings are greatly influenced by the wire that releases them and the media companies that pick them up.

Basically, a press release is an announcement .These documents can release news regarding virtually anything, from a promotion to the design of a new product. But they must prove newsworthy if they are to gain distribution and, subsequently, undergo further circulation by other media networks.

Writing a Polished Press Release

One of the reasons why these documents are less popular than others, such as blogs or articles, is because they are more difficult to write. In fact, press releases are highly formal in style. As such, they use only the third person, do not contain contractions, and use a high level of vocabulary.

If you are writing a press release, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • The title needs to catch the attention of readers while conveying the idea that the release is newsworthy. It is best to use action words that address both of these considerations. An example of a good title is, “Restaurant Owner Announces Launch of New Menu, Embraces Regional Cooking Style.”
  • The summary, which goes just beneath the title, should only take up two or so sentences. This component should describe the purpose of the press release. To continue the previous example, a good summary is: “Local restaurant owner has released the newest menu for a popular uptown bistro. Set to launch on January 10, the menu is based upon regional cooking traditions.”
  • The boilerplate, which comes at the end of the release, should focus on the subject of the document, not the announcement. For instance, the boilerplate for the example might include where the restaurant is located, when it opened, and who owns it. Additionally, contact information (phone number, email, website, social media links) would also prove wise to include.

Drafting an effective press release is a great way to enhance an online reputation management campaign. By following these tips, you can better write a press release that will boost your campaign’s success.
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