LinkedIn: Should You Join? Reputation Changer Says Of Course!

Reputation Changer Says Of CourseWhen it comes to social networking, LinkedIn is known as the most popular professional destination. But how are you to know if a LinkedIn profile is worth the effort it takes to create? From an online reputation management standpoint, it is certainly worthwhile to set up a LinkedIn presence.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn functions, in many ways, similarly to Facebook. However, there are a few major differences. When you join, you will create a profile that, for all intents and purposes, is your resume. You can upload a profile picture and provide links to other online assets, such as Facebook profiles, Twitter handles, websites, and blogs. You can also connect with other professionals and share updates and media.

But the similarities end here. While LinkedIn does allow you to share content and links, it does not allow you to post photographs to your profile. Additionally, it does not keep a running list of your updates. The focus is on your resume and, ultimately, your professional experience.

Why Is LinkedIn Important?

Despite the limited communication that this website offers in comparison with Facebook (on LinkedIn you can only send private messages), it is a highly important resource for online reputation management. You see, social media websites frequently rank very well on Google. This means that your LinkedIn profile can act as one of the first things that people see when they search your name. If you are trying to suppress negative search listings, this is an incredibly good thing.

Creating a Favorable LinkedIn Profile

Of course, like all social media platforms, LinkedIn’s value lies heavily in the effort that you put into its use. This means that it is incredibly important to create a well-rounded, polished profile. Start by choosing a professional picture of yourself, one that supports the online image you are looking to create.

Next, use your resume to fill in the different fields of your profile. Make sure to keep the verbiage professional and to stick to the whole truth when reflecting on your experiences and accomplishments. Finally, make sure that all of the content is very well proofed, as grammatical errors and typos will do nothing to support the positive reputation you are building.

When you have finished creating your profile, go ahead and start reaching out to professionals you have worked with. Colleagues, clients, and other professional contacts are perfect for LinkedIn. By creating a comprehensive list of the people with whom you have worked and done business, you can showcase your experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can ask key people to write you recommendations to further enhance your profile.

Online reputation management is a very complex industry that relies on social media platforms in many ways. By drafting a well-rounded, polished LinkedIn profile, you can contribute to the creation of a positive online image for yourself or your company. Reputation Changer reviews many management tactics, and the use of social media has proven time and again as one of the most effective ways to lay a solid foundation for your online image.
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