Reputation Changer Online Reputation Management Tips for Job-Seekers

Job-SeekersThese days, most hiring managers and recruiters are finding themselves inundated with resumes. Jobs have proven so scarce for so long that, any time a new position becomes available, it is all but guaranteed that a deluge of resumes will land on an employer’s desk—hundreds, sometimes even thousands of them! As such, you can rest assured that hiring managers will look for any opportunities to cut down on that stack, quickly weeding out any applicants that display red flags.

And what is the best way for an employer or a recruiter to isolate those red-flag applicants, and weed out their resumes? These days, the answer is in a quick Google search. Employers are coming, more and more, to use online search tools to help them do their homework on job seekers—which is why, for those looking for employment, online reputation management is of the essence. Below, Reputation Changer reviews a few crucial tips and tools for those seeking to manage their online image while seeking employment.

LinkedIn: Social Network of Choice?

One of the most important ways to get your name out there in a positive way—and perhaps to suppress any undesirable Web listings that may exist under your name—is to establish a strong social media presence. Of course, it is important to pick the social platforms that prove most effective. Would you believe that, in this regard, LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful social platform of all—perhaps even more than Facebook?

There are two reasons for this. The first is that LinkedIn provides search engine ranking success; it fares better in Google than other social networks do, so you can rest assured that a LinkedIn page will become one of the first listings a potential employer sees when Googling your name. Additionally, LinkedIn helps you to put your best foot forward, professionally speaking, and to put the attention where you really need it—on the benefits you can offer as an employee.

Other Online Assets

Of course, when an employer searches for you, that employer is likely to seek out more than just one link. You do yourself an immense favor by ensuring that you have at least a couple of online assets, ranked on the first page of an online search. One good solution is to get a blog—so long as you use that blog wisely, remembering to keep potentially embarrassing photos and anecdotes out of it. Ideally, your blog will serve to showcase your professional interests, or at the very least show a “human” side of you by way of some family photos or comments about community activities in which you participate.

Keeping it Clean

A final online reputation management tip for job seekers: Though this may seem obvious, it is crucial to keep any potentially embarrassing personal photos off of your social media accounts. A slovenly, drunken photo is all it takes for an employer to take a pass—so make sure you are either keeping those photos to yourself, or at the very least regulating your Facebook privacy settings!
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