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As the foremost online reputation management firm in the world, Reputation Changer reviews the online reputation management needs of all kinds of clients. These include private citizens—doctors, lawyers, teachers, financial planners, students, and business owners. They also include many businesses and brands—mom and pop stores, medical offices, and rising business start-ups. Reputation Changer has even worked on behalf of political figures, affiliate marketers, and beyond.

With all of that said, the company has increasingly become known as the champion of celebrities and major brands. Indeed, Reputation Changer has represented movie stars, professional athletes, and well-known public figures. Just as surely, the company has represented international business conglomerates, Fortune 100 companies, and more.

What this means is that Reputation Changer reviews the complex reputational needs of public figures and iconic companies on a regular basis. Indeed, in this realm, the company offers true expertise. It shares some of that expertise below—noting a few companies with exemplary reputations as well as companies with bad ones, then opining on some of the worst celebrity reputation crises in recent memory.

Reputation Changer Reviews the Best Corporate Reputations

To begin with, the company makes note of a few major businesses—among them Fortune 100 brands and international corporations—that maintain positive, robust reputations. A quick list of them includes:

  • Apple. In recent months, Apple’s stocks have taken a hit, and yet the company continues to rank high atop lists of the world’s most reputable companies. What’s Apple’s secret? Simply put, consumers trust this company to watch out for them, often citing the Genius Bar and the company’s other customer service offerings as primary reasons to buy Apple products.
  • What do you think of when you think of For many of us, the answer is that smiling face in the company’s logo—a not-so-subtle indication that the company’s only goal is to make people happy. That’s more or less born out in its offerings—from its free shipping options to its inclusive Amazon Prime membership, from its great customer service to its easy and intuitive website.
  • Johnson & Johnson. In recent years, Johnson & Johnson has had to recall many product lines, which doesn’t exactly sound like the recipe for a positive reputation. And yet, the company has also proven proactive and appropriately apologetic in its social media messaging, taking charge of the recall stories before the media got carried away with them. Combine this with Johnson & Johnson’s renowned social responsibility and you do, in fact, have the makings of a reputable company.
  • Target. Target is a company that has always done social media well—establishing a real rapport with its Facebook followers in a way that has truly paid off in terms of in-store purchasing.
  • KitchenAid. Finally, here is one more example of a company that handles its PR crises well. When an employee accidently tweeted out an inflammatory anti-Obama message, the company promptly took down the post, apologized, and invited concerned customers to engage the company in a dialogue. Classy!

Reputation Changer Reviews the Worst Corporate Reputations

On the flipside, Reputation Changer reviews a trio of companies that suffer from fairly bad reputations:

  • American Airlines. In 2013, a nationwide grounding kept American Airline’s planes from leaving on time—and the company miserably failed in using the Web, and social media sites, to communicate this with customers. To make matters worse, when customers did receive information, it was before the American Airlines staff received it—only compounding the confusion, and making the airline’s reputation woes worse.
  • Progressive Insurance. When a woman was killed in an automobile accident, Progressive took a very public stance in favor of the driver—and regardless of whether this was right or wrong, it was certainly not very empathetic. Customer revolt followed.
  • Kenneth Cole. Finally, Kenneth Cole is a textbook example of how companies can make crass, damaging statements on Twitter, simply by lacking good sense and sensitivity. During the revolt in Cairo, the company rather crudely used Egypt’s political turmoil to try to sell its products, drawing widespread ire. And the company didn’t learn its lesson, making the exact same mistake during the heat of America’s gun control debate.

Reputation Changer Reviews Celebrity Reputation Needs

Not only does Reputation Changer represent companies; it also represents numerous celebrities. Below, the company lists a few celebrities who, in recent months, have shown their need for some reputation management!

  • Amanda Bynes. Reputation Changer officially crowned Bynes the Worst Celebrity Reputation case of 2013—and even with several months left in the year, the company is confident that the coronation will remain unchallenged. Bynes is currently facing legal woes in the form of both drug charges and DUI charges; she was arrested when she threw a bong out her window, and subsequently claimed that the police has sexually abused here—a claim that was proven false. She has also poked Twitter fights with other celebrities, shown up to her court appearances with crazy-looking hair, and just generally gone off the rails.
  • Reese Witherspoon. She was once seen as America’s Sweetheart, yet when her husband was pulled over, Witherspoon provoked a fight with the police—getting charged with disorderly conduct, and finding her mug short plastered all over the tabloids.
  • Lindsay Lohan. What more can we say about Lohan that has not already gotten said? She used to seem like a promising actress, but the bulk of her career has now gotten spent ducking in and out of courtrooms and prison cells.

What Reputation Changer Can Do

We might conclude by simply noting that Reputation Changer can do much more than just recognize good and bad reputations. In fact, the company’s mission is to provide clients—whether celebrities or companies, private citizens or small business start-ups—with total control over how they are portrayed, on the Web and in the press. Reputation Changer has the proprietary technologies and methodologies needed to portray their clients in the most appealing light possible.

The bottom line is that Reputation Changer reviews all of the ways in which it can help its clients put their best foot forward on the Web. That includes clients both famous and non-famous, corporate and individual. The company is widely known as the top ORM firm in the world, and it is not hard to see why. Reputation Changer reviews all the latest reputation management strategies, and implements them on the clients’ behalf.

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Jun 03, 2013 by Jeffrey C.

For years, I have successfully run a small business. I did my best to keep customers happy and never had any complaints to my knowledge. One day, I came across a customer who was just not happy with my services. No matter what I offered, he had some sort of complaint or negative comment. Unfortunately, that customer decided to take his complaints to a popular review website.

I didn't want this one occurrence to affect sales, but I recognized the importance of consumer reviews. I knew that I couldn't fix this problem on my own so I called upon Reputation Changer for help. Within just a few weeks, I started seeing results. The content they created was top notch, and they were attentive to my needs.

After a few months of my campaign, my negative was greatly suppressed. I couldn't be happier with the results provided by Reputation Changer. They really helped me out of a terrible situation. I could now go on with my life and stop worrying about the effects of one negative and unfair comment on my business.


May 06, 2013 by Kara Schmidt

I didn't think they could deliver on this but they were amazing! Reputation Changer cleaned up my search results, and fast!

Professional Work

May 06, 2013 by Andrew Largmen

Reputation Changer was professional through and through. They walked me through what they'd be doing for me and stuck by it to the letter. I'd highly recommend this company.

Great Work

May 06, 2013 by Randy Goldmen

I had another Randy Goldmen flooding my search results with negative information, and I was being mistaken for him! Thanks to Reputation Changer I have the content I need and the search results I want.

Better than Competitors

May 06, 2013 by Jillian B.

Reputation Changer has been the only online reputation management company to help me suppress my negative reviews. I definitely recommend this company over any of the competitors.


May 06, 2013 by Bradley M.

The work of Reputation Changer is inspiring. My negative reviews have been greatly suppressed. I would recommend this company to everyone in need of online reputation management.

Awesome design

Apr 29, 2013 by Robert

Awesome design, congrats for the new site (800) 269-7984 10 North Church St West Chester PA, 19380 USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 For years, I have successfully run a small business. I did my best to keep customers happy and never had any complaints to my knowledge. One day, I came across a customer who was j
10 North Church St West ChesterPA19380 USA 
 • (800) 269-7984


Reputation Changer reviews the online reputation needs of some of the biggest companies and most significant public figures in the world—but how did this company become so trusted, so esteemed within its industry? Reputation Changer is not a particularly old company, but it has quickly risen through the ranks and established itself as the #1 online reputation management agency in the world. Read on to learn more about the company’s origins, and what makes it so special.

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